小林 純子




 2020年6月、より自然環境に配慮した製品作りを目指してSolid&Strong BAG STOREを設立。


Junko Kobayashi

● Born within the family that started the Hosono Store, one of the original canvas bag stores that was founded back in 1912, she grew up  among craftsmen. The Hosono Store continuously supported mountain climbing expeditions in Mt. Manaslu and Mt. Everest as well as expeditions to the Antarctic.  Her grandfather, Hirokichi Hosono was decorated for their works.

● For over twenty years she has been involved primarily in the craft of canvas bag making, and joined some projects such as the equipment preparations for an Antarctic research expedition.

● In June 2020, to create canvas products oriented towards the utmost standards of sustainability of ecosystem, she founded the Solid&Strong BAG STORE.